Digital solutions for European institutions

We are uniquely dedicated to serving European institutions.
Whatever your IT or digital communication challenge,
you can rely on our local expertise, for everything from Ai to Zg Quantum.

About us

Accompanying European institutions on their digital journey

Cronos Europa designs and delivers IT and creative solutions exclusively for European institutions, agencies and bodies.

From the European Union to EUROCONTROL, we partner with a range of supranational and interinstitutional authorities.

We know of no other company that can claim the same degree of commitment.

What's unique about us?

Designed to serve you

Every aspect of our organisation is designed to complement the capabilities of European institutions - from our people, to our processes and our premises.

Across your digital challenges

Our mission is to arm European institutions with the tools and technologies they need to thrive in the digital age, so they can secure a green, digital and fair Europe for its citizens.

Whatever it takes

C-Dev and Cronos International are part of our legacy. We have always been known for speed, flexibility and the determination to help you make things happen. Cronos Europa combines these values with the breadth of expertise of the Cronos Group.

Innovative entrepreneurial collaborative

Bringing you the Cronos ecosystem

We are part of the Cronos Group, one of the largest IT service providers in the Benelux. Cronos is a unique example of innovative entrepreneurship, focused on helping clients extract value from existing and emerging technologies.

Over 8,000 experts work across an ecosystem of 200 competence centres. Each centre is run as an individual company, solely dedicated to a technology, a practice or a client segment.

What we do

FP, PTM, QTM, SM, TM and beyond, across institutions and technologies.

A thousand experts across diverse framework contracts

Cronos Europa's consultants integrate seamlessly into the work, behavioural and cultural practices of European institutions, while remaining distinct from our clients.

We remain separate, but united by one vision, collaborating towards one goal, through shared practices. Just like Europa.

500 seats
in the heart of Brussels

Our PTM facilities in Brussels are like no other. They are within walking distance of most EU buildings, from the Black Pearl to those in Schuman, Place du Luxembourg, Place Rogier, Belliard, Loi and more

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ISO 27001 certified and managed under the Security Convention for Remote Access, ISO 14000 and in line with EMAS.

Designed for creativity, productivity, and open communication.

Highly equipped workplaces alternate with meeting rooms, kitchens, focus areas and sound-proof phone booths – for a superior personal and professional experience.

Teams on mission-critical projects benefit from dedicated areas, through personal badge controls, for higher security and confidentiality.

Certified, compliant, integrated with your daily practices

We are one of the few IT Service Management practices in Belgium and Luxembourg to be ISO 20000 certified.

This is a testimony to the fact that all our processes, structures, tools and organisational capabilities are tailored to deliver superior service quality to European institutions.

Our IT Service Management practices are ISO 20000 certified. Very few IT service providers can claim as much, in Belgium or Luxembourg. Our certifications are local and team specific. They have been awarded to Cronos Europa.

To seamlessly integrate your teams and accelerate your projects, our experts adopt the same methodologies used daily at European institutions. For example, our staff at the European Commission and the European Parliament are trained in PM2, Agile@EC, RUP@EC, ENGAGE, among others.

Our expertise

A technology, a vendor,
a practice for every letter of the alphabet

If there is an emerging technology, there is a company of the Cronos Group dedicated to it.

If there is a digital technology used by a European institution, it is very likely that we have inhouse competence within Cronos Europa and in the Group.

It is part of the Cronos DNA to see what is next, what works, and what can be improved.

If there is an emerging technology, there is a company of the Cronos Group dedicated to it

Our goal is to give clients the best of what technology has to offer and to add value to European institutions.

We do this collaboratively, across our competence centres, through leading vendors, with start-ups, academia, and research institutions.

Our goal is to give clients the best of what technology has to offer and to add value to European institutions

Our own ecosystem


Through Cronos Europa, you have access to the Cronos ecosystem, its network of vendors and its alliances with local and international solution providers. Our intention is to help you navigate through the breadth of our capabilities.

We will be highlighting our competences on a regular basis. Tell us if you want to be notified.

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